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BLHeli Configurator Testing
I would consider building a signal inverter before purchasing new ESCs.
Is there any way to edit the code to invert the input polarity?
Or is there any way to invert it in cleanflight?
How do you build one of those?
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Why do you need to invert polarity if you're using CF? What are you trying to achieve?
You could configure motor PWM timers in cleanflight to be initialized to TIM_OCPolarity_High instead of TIM_OCPolarity_Low to invert the signal, but I don't see why you would want to do it if you're using cleanflight and BLHeli_S, their default PWM polarities correspond.
I am using a brushed flight controller and I am converting it to brushless operation. See
The pwm motor outputs are reversed when the board is converted, so if I reverse the PWM signal on cleanflght, It will be reversed again by the board and come out the right way?

Am I correct in the above?
I tried the command TIM_OCPolarity_High and it was invalid. What should I do?
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Please create a separate topic to continue this discussion, I'll answer you there and ask a moderator to move all the posts.

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