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Blackbox Tuning Help - do I have the right idea?
Hi All

Im trying to learn blackbox tuning...

I have attached a log...

So far on the Pitch axis I can see oscillations on punch out. Also I can see that there is some 'bounce-back' following hard flips...this is where the gyro bumps after the RC command has finished...

I decided then to reduce P to minimise the oscillations...and increase D on pitch in order to help with the bounce back...I am on Raceflight so I went from 7.600 to 7.300 on P. And 0.163 to 0.168 on D....

Can anyone tell me if I am on the right tracks / give more input on this log?

DL here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByOzK-...UszdGZVU0E

Totally unrelated question, what transmitter are you using? Wrapping my head around some basic logic of rc smoothing, but really unrelated to your question. Just curiosity.

I'll be having a longer look at the log now, but from what you said, your PID changes should go in the right direction.

EDIT: Does raceflight have TPA like all other firmwares? That could help the full throttle oscillations.

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