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BG "Tiny Whoop" frame (realacc)
Hey folks,

I was very excited running into a clone for the rakonheli "Tiny Whoop" frame on BG for a smaller price.
So here is my small review.


It arrived very fast to my home in Belgium (normally it takes longer) so i was very happy :-)

I was quite excited when opening the box because it all looks very nice ,sturdy and of good quality.
What's inside the box ?

Today i wanted to take a quick look on rebuilding my Tiny Whoop into this little frame and maybe doing a little "how to" with this realacc frame (brand name is on the little manual in the box).

As stated the frame looked very good any quite simular to the rakonframe (i build one for a friend some weeks ago).
It's made out of 0,5 mm carbon fiber and CNC cut alloy Aluminium. (silver and red alu available)
Weight is 6 grams as mentioned on the BG website.

My 6mm MMW Insane motors fit into the motormounts perfectly and the 14 little screws seem of normal quality. (You get 14 screws and only need 12 for the motormounts)

After the first tests it was time to take out the flight controller. (I was still wondering using the beebrain or beecore)
All FC's i own and found ( original inductrix, beecore & beebrain) don't seem to easily fit the frame.
Not only the Micro USB clashes with the frame but also all 4 motor connectors do.
There are no hole's in the frame to mount these fc's.

So i have a few options to fix this small problem:

* Desoldering the motor connectors and soldering the motors directly onto the board (i was willing to do this but the USB 
   connector would still be in the way)
* Turning the board 90° and mounting / using it upside down ( the usb connector and motor connectors would be in 
   the way of my fpv camera )
* Buying the rakonheli carbon fiber frame and hope it fits these alu ducts  :-)

I think i'm going to go with the last option :-)

So for now this will be the end of the small review, when i find the best solution(for me) i will complete this post.

Should you buy this frame ?
 I see decent quality in the materials used but still have to do the "smack the bitch into the ground" test with my little whooper :-) 
The biggest problem for me is not beeing able to simply mount a " tiny whoop" style FC.

EDIT: carbon Rakon frame does not fit these ducts :-( so i will just move this build to another fc as the easiest way to get it flying .


Sometimes i wonder .   .   .   Is my quad thinking of me too ?
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This beeing my first review i see people read it so can you give me any tips and/or tricks ?
Weight? Looks heavy...
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1 small problem :-) i don't have a precision scale.

Will try and buy one as soon as possible .

BG site rates it as 6gram for only the frame :-)
(01-Jan-2017, 12:18 PM)maxke Wrote: This beeing my first review i see people read it so can you give me any tips and/or tricks ?

You might try mounting the Beecore or the Beebrain in the proper orientation using 2 or 3 layers of well-placed foam tape.  That might get the USB port up enough so that at most you'd need to remove 1 propellor to access it (plus that would provide some vibration dampening).  Just a thought.  Let us know what you come up with.
I have some parts on their way to finish this little build and will update after they arrive :-)

Have added the weight in the original post. (= 6 gram)

Sometimes i wonder .   .   .   Is my quad thinking of me too ?
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The crbon rakon frame came in today . It does not fit these ducts :-(

Edited the post.

Ahh, no man!
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