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Betaflight connecting

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A little tip for you: when it comes to taking off, getting off the ground quickly is always much better than trying to take off slowly. While the craft is still stuck in the wash from its own propellers, it's way too easy to end up digging a propeller into the ground and snapping it.

Have you flown any kind of quadcopter or fixed wing craft before?
First flight has to be the best feeling ever!! BUT here's my advice. Get rid of that self-level mode and learn how to fly acro from the start. You're going to crash....a lot.....hundreds of times. But if you learn in horizon mode, you'll pick up bad habits that are going to take twice as long to get rid of as it will take you to learn acro. Believe me, I speak from experience. Horizon and angle modes are for large aerial photography crafts only.
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