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Beecore F3 FC for Inductrix Tiny Whoop E010
(12-26-2016, 05:56 AM)Tom BD Bad Wrote: It has taken me 2 months of internet trawling to find a supplier of mylipo's here in South Africa, I'm actually very surprised that they are offered at quite competitive prices, most stuff for the hobby is basically double what you pay on BangGood!

Anyway Gulzaar, I feel your pain and wish you the best of luck finding a supplier, maybe if you have friends that you fly with you could order some together and split shipping costs..? Just a thought.

Yeah, trying to get some people to come together and place a large order.

As for the time being, I've found these lipos which Albert Kim(YouTube) is pretty happy with:
And I've also requested a friend to get me some MyLipos from the USA, luckily someone is coming.

I'll post test results of both batteries once I have them.
Does anyone know if the Frsky version can run telemetry?
(01-03-2017, 02:12 PM)oyvinla Wrote: Does anyone know if the Frsky version can run telemetry?

I have the BeeCore FrSky F3 EVO Brushed FC and Manual. The manual does not mention telemetry at all. Also all the small FrSky Rx do not have the transmit circuit; they do this to save weight. Also you can not program the LED on the board. So hope your radio has a timer, otherwise you can not tell when the batteries are done (other , than it falling out of the sky).
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I have the FrSky version. I don't think it runs telemetry... not that I've found anyways. I guess I'm used to not having notifications of low batteries. I find it's only a real problem if you do a really mild flight or start and stop frequently. When my batteries are done, it's pretty obvious. And the quad doesn't really just drop (for me). Just by going when the quad gets sluggish, I reliably come down around 3.6.

THIS (link below), however, does support telemetry for FrSky (but unlike the advert IS NOT SBUS. It's ppm). But it flies really well. The solder pads are in a terrible place and tiny. The bind button is in the way of some camera mounts. but overall it's really pretty great, cheap and fits the E010 frame perfectly (including the "4th" screw in the middle of the frame).


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