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Beecore F3 FC for Inductrix Tiny Whoop E010
Beecore F3 EVO Brushed ACRO Flight Control Board DSM2 For Inductrix Tiny Whoop Eachine E010

So we finally have an affordable Cleanflight/Betaflight FC that is designed to fit the Tiny whoop / Eachine e010 micro quad. Not more messing around or DIY'ing.
Only thing that is putting me off is the DSM2 RX, and no Frsky support! Sad 

Price $29



weight: 3g
STM32 F303 processor

Six-Axis: MPU6500
Size: 2mm x 26mm
Firmware Target: Betaflight/Cleanflight EVO F3


1.The world's first F3_EVO controller compatible for DSM2.

2.Cleanflight ready, born for acro flight controller for the BeeDuctrix / Tiny Whoop / Inductrix quad!

3.Full Cleanflight/Betaflight compatibility on a STM32 F303 F3_EVO 3x1 style processor.

4.Fully programmable through Cleanflight / Betalfight using the onboard USB port! Tune all the parameters, PID's, and rates to your perfect settings!

5.High discharge battery connector wire for more power and performance.

6.Compatible Spectrum/JR(DSM2 protocol) DEVO10/DEVO 7E(with deviation firmware).

7.Can fly your Inductrix style quad in full rate mode (or even air mode!), fully execute flips/ rolls, and shoot the smallest of gaps with precision! Tuned to give you that locked in feeling you get with standard race quads.

Funniest thing...

... is that they stole FuriousFPV‘s claim for the "the world's first F3 FC for the thiny whoop" haha (Furious is also developing a Inductrix BF FC, but it's far from release)

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A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
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I like. I registered for the Alert Arrival...LOL
My youtube channel

Lol, DSMX is awesome!
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Dsmx?really? It is only dsm2 i think
If it had frsky support I would buy it. Orange Modules are on backorder since 4 months ago ?
(09-21-2016, 07:29 AM)lorentz Wrote: Dsmx?really? It is only dsm2 i think

oops, sorry typo lol Smile

(09-21-2016, 08:22 AM)tashu.cristy Wrote: If it had frsky support I would buy it. Orange Modules are on backorder since 4 months ago ?

might need to look somewhere else like the BeeBrain or FuriousFPV's FC... but they cost almost twice more.
A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
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It wouldn't surprise me if Banggood is going to release a frsky supported fc in the near future
Lucky me. Bought an OrangeRX DSM2 Taranis module 4 months ago for my scisky FC Smile

Will definitely buy this one. So Eachine E010 frame can fit the same size FC as the inductrix? Didn't know that.
E010 propellers aren't smaller than the inductrix? The duct fans would be smaller and wouldn't fit the inductrix props?
I don't own a Inductrix, but yea the frame sizes are identical. The E010 frame apparently is a little stiffer than the Inductrix also.
There are 3 screws holes on the e010 that match the Inductrix (front, left and right), but the rear screw hole isn't. But shouldn't be a problem i think
A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
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Thanks Oscar. Will try and build one and see how it goes.
Eachine Beecore comes with FrSky or FlySky Rx as selectable option now. This makes it even more attractive Smile
Told you Smile they are spying on this forum LOL Big Grin
A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
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My stock e010 board isn't working so I'm stuck between waiting for this or buying a different board or buying the same board
Definitely buy the Beecore Guvius. Half price
FYI: BG states the expected arrival of this product is the 25th of October.

I was thinking about plopping on a SilverMod'ded Eachine H8 Acro board on a E010 frame to tide me over until this arrives - just buying the frame/motors/ (2x) props separately.  Hilariously (or not) it's like 1.25 USD more to get the whole E010 drone and just remove the board ...
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