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Banggood S800 SKY SHADOW Review
I will certainly try throwing it with my left hand next time with my right hand firmly around the radio.

I think I also need to make a throw gauge so that I can make sure that both elevons have exactly the same angle with the stick at neutral. It's really hard to judge by eye, especially as the end of one of the elevons has a bit of bend at the outward tip due to damage during shipping.
(19-Jun-2017, 05:06 PM)fftunes Wrote: Hmmm... maybe having another person throw the wing for first starts could help? Just until it's all trimmed and setup right...

Or throwing it with your left hand so you can control roll?

I don't have too much experience with planes, but one thing i know, they never fly straight right from start. Smile

My friend made a simple tutorial:

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So, launch left handed and throw it up at something like 75 degrees rather than forward at 35 degrees?
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Basically, yes. He says something like "give it full throttle and f*ck it up into the sky"
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