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Banggood S800 SKY SHADOW Review

I just got this flying wing from Banggood to review:

I also take the opportunity to mention that I do not receive any commission from the sales of this item. I got this for an unbiased, honest review.


As a copter guy, I was worried it will be hard to build a plane, but this was easier than a tiny X frame build!

The build

I bought all electronics required, they were waiting in a box for the wing to come. When I unpackeed the box, i realized there is something missing. The glue! Take notes, guys. If you buy a plane kit, buy glue, too Smile

Other than that, it was a pretty simple build. What I liked is that the kit comes with several carbon rods to make the body stronger. The servos snapped in place, it was perfectly fit. The wings have space and carbon covers for the vtx so you can put it far away from other electronics. The motor mounting is simple and straightforward.


The extras

The kit also includes a basic PDB and a 5V bec. There is also space for the ESC on the bottom of the body, also with a perfectly fit carbon cover.

There is also a plate to hold the battery's weight evenly on the foam and a battery strap (they really put some effort into making this an exceptional kit)

The body

On the front, there is space for an FPV and a HD camera, pre-cut perfectly for basically any FPV cam and a gopro. We could put my buddy's gopro and sjcam4000 perfectly in there, there was no need for glue, it had a lot of grip.

The electronics bay has a reasonable size, I could easily put the PDB, a receiver and the battery in there. It is covered by a lid, it is help on by magnets. They hold it in place, bu the lid falls off sometime, the magnets could be a bit stronger.

It was pretty hard to get the CG right, but doable with some help. I had two old 2200mAh 3S 25C packs. I used them in my quad but I have switched to 4S. They fit perfectly in this plane.

The equipment I used:
  • Turnigy 9g servos
  • Multistar 30A blheli_s ESC
  • Emax 2204 2300 KV motor
  • 6045 prop
The first few launches were... well... not so great. While I did manage to get it in the air, it took at least 10 launches to actually "fly" and not just tumble around hopelessly. I did launch flying wings before, but this one just didn't want to get in the air. After launching, however, it felt amazing. This a relatively small wing so it turns pretty fast. The thing that took time to get used to was that there was no yaw control. There are stabilizers, but no turning. Be sure to keep that in mind, at least for the first few flights if you are coming from copters.

One battery lasts for 10-15 minutes of pure fun.

Flight video:

  • Easy build
  • Comes with lots of nice extras
  • Durable
  • Foam pre-cur for cameras
  • Setting the CG is a bit hard
  • The lid falls off sometimes
  • Takes lot of practice to launch
It is a good way to get into flying wings. Watch some videos on how to launch these kind of planes, as it can be tricky. If you get the CG right, if you launch it right, it is pure fun from the moment of giving throttle.

If you are interested in buying one, you can do so here: https://goo.gl/UFNWLT
There is a kit version, you will need electronics for that.
There is also a PNP version, you only need a battery and an RC system for that.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me. Cheers!
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Sorry for the video quality, the HD cam just died.
Like this wing too, in your article they are missing some pictures...
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(10-Jan-2017, 01:12 PM)Pimousse Wrote: Like this wing too, in your article they are missing some pictures...

Thanks for telling me, I will fix it
Nice review, i'm thinking about getting a wing some day, this might be the one Smile
All the best
Grzesiek (Grisha/ Greg)

Curently flyable: Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap at the moment... nothing is flyable
Bench / in progres: fixing Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap
thinking about building: 450

I have updated it and fixed the pics, sorry guys Big Grin
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(12-Jan-2017, 02:52 PM)varkokonyi Wrote: I have updated it and fixed the pics, sorry guys Big Grin

Thank you ?, I've the pnp version I'm busy with it and hope that I can fly with it soon
S800 i guess that means 800mm wingspan? What do you think about your motor/prop choice, should it be stronger (2205-2206) or faster (higher kV) or is it just right?
I guess it does, if you want me to, I can measure it. It could be stronger/faster, either bigger motor, higher KV or maybe 4S
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(15-Jan-2017, 01:34 PM)varkokonyi Wrote: I guess it does, if you want me to, I can measure it. It could be stronger/faster, either bigger motor, higher KV or maybe 4S

It's ok i quickly looked up your link above, banggood page says 820mm.
BTW what was the problem with CG that you described? Too far back?
I see you put the battery as far to the front as possible. Did you need additional weight?

Just asking as i wanna build a bigger wing w/ spare components, trying to get a feel for what could work and what not.
The problem was that it was hard to get right. Full disclosure: I am a copter guy, so it might be easy for others. Big Grin

It was way too far back.

6 AA batteries next to the FPV cam or an HD camera does the trick.

Every wing is different, but CG is very important, and it differs from wing to wing. Before buying a wing, check the description (or forums) where the CG should be. If it isn't mentioned anywhere, you are going to have a hard time figuring it out (my friend told me this, he is into wings)
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From what I gather from watching flite test and others on youtube is that its easier to put all the weight as far forwards as possible then move CG back bit by bit until you get the right feel...
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Great wing.
I just finished building one of these over the weekend and just took it out for its maiden flight.

It did not go well. Sad

Less wind would certainly have helped, but each time I tried to launch, it would bank left and dive. On the fourth attempt, I managed to separate the motor mount from the rear of the craft and pop the tube cover at the front of the right wing off. I couldn't find that, but I'm sure I can make a spare from the big block that fits in the space for the cameras.

I checked the CoG and it was balanced at exactly 125mm back. I'd set reflex equivalent to the thickness of the elevons. I was running a 3S 2200mA/h battery, the original 2205 motor with a 6045 bullnose prop and a 40A BLHeli_S ESC.

I guess the next few days will be spent trying to repair the damage and mounting the motor more securely.

Does anyone have any tips as to how I can ensure that it flies straight and level for my next maiden? The four launch attempts I had, the wing was heading towards the ground before I could get my hand on the right stick to attempt to control it. I had the throttle at about 70% and it certainly seemed to be enough thrust, but maybe I needed even more? I tried launching with no gyro and with the gyro active, once in rate mode and once in hold mode. It didn't seem to make much difference either way.
Hmmm... maybe having another person throw the wing for first starts could help? Just until it's all trimmed and setup right...

Or throwing it with your left hand so you can control roll?

I don't have too much experience with planes, but one thing i know, they never fly straight right from start. Smile
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