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Armattan Rooster
So my girlfriend very kindly got me the Rooster for Christmas.  HobbyRC delivered yesterday!!  Have built the frame up which was not the easiest if i'm honest.  Getting the sunk nuts in was scary.  The video on Armattan's website shows Chris just bashing them in with a hammer.  I thought i'd try and pull them in with a screw but that didn't work so the hammer it was lol. Slight delamination on those pieces as per the Armattan video. tbh it is minimal and like they say won't affect warranty or anything.  Another thing the supplied bolts are hard to use - again i've just seen Armattan release a video about this.  The hex sizes are all over the place makes it hard to get proper tight.  But I have persevered and managed to get it solid

Rooster Frame
Oomph Titan's
Betaflight F4
Betaflight 32 bit ESCs
Unify Pro HV

So the only thing I haven't yet got is the FPV cam.  Needs to be the newer 3 hole ones.  I really wanted to use the RR Swift like I have on the Chameleon but it wont fit.  I'm leaning towards the Eagle 2 Pro, as I use Dom V3s anyway and would like to try a proper 16:9 camera.  Thoughts??

I cannot wait to get this built and up in the air!


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Lucky man!

When I was building my Armadillo, I fitted the sunk nuts exactly the way Chris suggests. I put them in place, gave a gentle tap with the hammer and then checked that they were going in straight. One final whack with the hammer and they were there. Once you tighten everything up, any delamination is irrelevant to the final strength.

I can't really say much about camera choices until I get mine, but as I said earlier, I'll most likely be putting a Split in mine as I've always been adverse to the idea of ruining the looks and balance by strapping a 70+ gramme HD camera onto the frame. If the Swift is too wide, I guess you'll have to make another choice.
Mine arrived yesterday too  Heart Heart Heart
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I'm looking forward to build threads from both of you!
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And there will be a lot of Rooster build threads. It will be awesome to see how everyone's build.
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Gianpa, is that my christmas present you have been meaning to give me? Big Grin haha
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Been busy:

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Looking good!
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