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Are Gemfan props from Banggood authentic?
I received a few pair today and on my 1st flight I had a gyro issue, it tipped over and the prop snapped right off.

The package looks different from ones I purchased many times before and only 1 pair out of 5 had the spacers.
Yes I think they are genuine, but most of the time they are the domestic version (that's why you see the Chinese label). International version has English labels.

However I think Gemfan is no longer the go-to propellers, I would recommend Kingkong for the affordability and durablilty and good performance.
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I second the kingkong props, they are by far the best value prop on the market, are PC/glass fiber reinforced and are strong as anything you could hope for. I don't know how they hold up on efficiency or thrust values compared to other, but definitely better than Gemfans. And unless your really competing on a high level, it's not an issue.
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I would have to agree with what sushicanfly (Great name BTW) & thomasFPV said.

KingKing are the best value for money you will find on the market at this moment in time. IMO

& Yes as far as i am aware they are genuine.
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It's a lottery to be honest. I was sometimes getting genuine props and sometimes obviously trashy ones... If you want gemfans, get them from other seller... Or get kingkongs Wink
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