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Angry Oskie Micro Quad
(09-Jan-2018, 08:20 PM)Tom BD Bad Wrote: It is fully deserving of top quality electronics. That is a build log I am really looking forward to.

I watched UAV futures review, grumpy Trev looked close to tears when Stu gave him one!

Yeah, that was pretty funny when the penny finally dropped and he realised that he was the proud owner of a brand new Rooster! Big Grin

I'm going to be putting a Runcam Split in as the FPV camera. It will probably be built around a Bardwell F4 flight controller with some DYS Aria 35A BLHeli_32 ESCs. There will be an FrSky R-XSR as the receiver and probably a TBS Unify or Unify HV video transmitter.

What I haven't made my mind up about is the motors, but it's probably time to wander over to the Rooster thread and ask other people what they are using.
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