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Alien 5" PDB or not to PDB?
I purchased a 5" Alien frame last night (my 3rd quad build). 

I was hoping I could get some information from the thread about those that do vs don't use the included PDB.

I'm running 4S.

If I use the included PDB (http://impulserc.com/alien-5-fpv-frame-2), I was planning to use 5v pololu for my Xracer FC, then run power direct from the PDB to my VTX (200mw ImmersionRC) as that can take up to 22V apparently. Then I was going to run from the 5v out on the VTX via a harness to both my hs1177 (says 5v to 17v) and a minimOSD.

Soooo, the first question is, should that be fine? Do you think the 5v out from VTX will (A) have enough juice for both the cam and osd? and (B) will I experience noise since there is no dedicated LC filter?

I can't seem to find out anywhere if anyone on Alien builds run LC filters (other than through a PNP50). Many PDB's these days have filtered power, but obviously this one doesn't as it's got no filters, steps downs etc. 

Is the centre plate (http://impulserc.com/alien-cf-center-plate-15mm) designed for when using a different PDB? So you can skip the included PDB and use something like a banggood matek pdb with filtering etc?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

You can use 3rd party PDB with this frame, You will need slightly taller standoffs around the area of the PDB so it raises the board above the 4 centre nuts. Which does lift the overall height a little.

I Have a Martian frame and use a demon core PDB with line filters built in and works fine.

A lot of people have said that the original Alien PDB does suffer problems around the XT60 connector and many have now soldered cables to the power in and used a pigtail XT60 setup.  The problem was the lipo cable coming out of the fixed XT60 connector.

Just a side note.  While a lot of VTX's can take up to 24 volts in, I would advise not doing so unless you have no alternative.
VTX's generate a lot of heat, the higher the voltage the higher the heat, and they can get very very hot in no time when the quad is powered up and not flying.  (which happens of course when you have crashed and you are spending minutes trying to find it.)

Almost all good PDB's allow you to select 12v or 5volts for your fpv cam and VTX. and it is filtered. Smile

I am surprised given the cost of the Alien Frame that they do not include a PDB with line filters.
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