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6 inch Build with Kiss 24a ESC?
I'm considering a 6″ quad build using 24a KISS ESCs and the lumenier 2206 2000kv motor. Does anyone foresee any problems running with 6 inch props and this ESC? Does it match the current draw? I want the ease of KISS FC alongside KISS ESC running DShot but don’t want to blow ESC with the power draw of 6 inch props. Have scoured Internet and found people using 20-30a ESCs. This is not my first build, but is my first 6 inch and I don't want to blow the ESCs. Any advice would be much appreciated.
I am assuming 4S and you did not state the pitch of the props. You might get away with it because I am sure there is a safety factor built in to the ESC, but I looked at some of the test available on line and it seemed to me that 6" was right at 24 amps in many cases. For me, I would go for 30A and I wouldn't have to worry about it.
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sirdude was hitting on a very good point, which is, the pitch of the props, a 4.5 pitch will draw more amps than a 4 or 3 pitch, and I agree with going 30 amps if you can, just assures a little more overhead, in saying that though, 24 amp will be enough as hardly anyone is full throttle 100% of the time and thus you wouldn't normally exceed the 24's burst mode.
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I plan a 6" too, thanks for the tipps. I love the kiss escs, but the 30a version is a bit overkill. Some blheli_s will do Big Grin

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