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3D flight & Flight Distance
Flight Distance
I have recently bought XK 350 Air Dancer. I want to monitor flight distance. Is it possible to install any component which can send signals to notebook/mobile for remote tracking/monitoring.

3D Flight

I have gain experience in regular flight and now want to fly in 3D mode. For this I need instructions or guide. I searched the Internet but unable to find proper guide or video for 3D mode flight.

Thanks in advance for guidance/help.
This explains the basics of setup and 3D flight. https://oscarliang.com/3d-inverted-flying-quadcopter/
Current quad: ZMR 250 / DYS SE2205 / Littlebee 20A ESCs / Drone Lab 1500 4S / Naze32 Rev5 / BF 2.7.1
FPV: Runcam Skyplus / Aomway 200mw VTX / Fatshark DomV1
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