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BLHeli_32 settings - OverDischarged - 21-Nov-2017

Any particular settings people find better when using BLHeli_32 ESC's? 
It seems to work fine on stock settings but I am just wondering if anything should be changed to improve it even more.

RE: BLHeli_32 settings - thomasFPV - 21-Nov-2017

Aparently some ESC's like the Airbot Wraiths show less noise at 48khz. Breakstop can be adjusted to suit your needs, and set max amps to say 40 to avoid bruning your ESC's

Try 48KHz, if there is problem then drop down to 32Khz and if still issues go back to 24Khz (default setting)

RE: BLHeli_32 settings - ChillerFPV - 20-Jan-2018

motor timing on auto for best allround performance and effeciency.
the PWM freq has to do with what KV motors you use.
As long as your not above 3000KV you can set pwm to 48. the higher KV motor you have the lower the pwm must be.