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ReadyToFlyQuads - Oscar - 02-Aug-2017

Shop Name: ReadyToFlyQuads
URL link:
Shop Location: USA
Accept Paypal: Yes

Product Category/Specialty: All Multirotor Parts

RE: ReadyToFlyQuads - fftunes - 07-Aug-2017

Aside from the completely non-existent customer service, it's a good shop - good prices and quick delivery.

Sadly, one of my orders went missing, which is actually not their fault but the US postal service's. Paypal gave me my money back but that also means i can't do business with RTFQ anymore via paypal.

RE: ReadyToFlyQuads - Tom BD Bad - 08-Aug-2017

(07-Aug-2017, 08:08 PM)fftunes Wrote: Aside from the completely non-existent customer service...

... i can't do business with RTFQ anymore via paypal.

So now if you do purchase from them via EFT/Credit Card, (unless you have purchase insurance?) you take all the risk when it comes to missing deliveries, if you can't get in contact with their customer support for a refund.

RE: ReadyToFlyQuads - fftunes - 09-Aug-2017

Exactly. So i won't shop there anymore.

The only contact info is 2 email adresses (1 on the shop page, a different 1 registered at paypal) but he (from what i read it's a single guy running the shop) never answers to any of both.

RE: ReadyToFlyQuads - rryyyaann - 30-Aug-2017

Yep, I'm done with them now too. Found that I can get the Omnibus from PitchRollYaw with cheap quick shipping.

RE: ReadyToFlyQuads - campagnium - 14-Sep-2017

My experience with RTFQ was unique in the world of fpv as well:
It was right after learning about clones and what banggood and aliexpress and so on really were,
sort of thrilled to have found a site where they sold "the real deal", so I ordered some fc and esc,
and since I forgot about a couple of things, some more stuff in a second order.
After a while, this second order arrived, I liked the products (..that's the trouble w the whole thing, but I'm ordering directly over the store of myairbot now, which works way faster!),
thus I decided to change the fc in further quads and, oh my, placed a third order. All of them had been paid directly over paypal.
I regularly checked my account for two weeks,
but the order status of order 1 and 3 never (..ever!!) changed to "shipped".
I never got an answer from customer service/shop owner or similar.
After 3 months of seeking contact and trying over slackchat (..where the owner, witespy, reacted once and then never again),
I finally got refunded by Paypal.

RE: ReadyToFlyQuads - rryyyaann - 15-Sep-2017

I'm currently disputing a defective FC they sent me. They offered me a 5 dollar refund...