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Hello rookie here - Artofacks1 - 12-Jan-2017

Got a propel hd drone for Christmas as a gift from my wife and been hooked since, bought a Hubson x4 107c and learning how to fly and can't get enough from videos and reading about fpv racing. Once I get better at racing I will be building a racer!!!

RE: Hello rookie here - Oscar - 12-Jan-2017

Nice Smile keep us updated on your progress! any question just ask

RE: Hello rookie here - Grisha0 - 12-Jan-2017

welcome to the addiction please scan your wallet here <void>

RE: Hello rookie here - Tom BD Bad - 12-Jan-2017

Welcome Artofacks1, I can guarantee that you will find a wealth of helpful people and info here at IntoFPV (and a few jokers too^^!)

RE: Hello rookie here - maxke - 12-Jan-2017