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Tiny JST Connectors Diagrams - Oscar - 06-Aug-2016

I got these small connectors diagrams from our FB group, and here is a tiny connector chart for easier look up
Please upload diagrams if there are missing ones (use attachment uploads to keep original resolution)

Molex Pico Blade
Micro JST (JST-ZH)

5-pin JST-SH

JST-GH - lumenier camera and VTX connector

LOSI (or as known as Walkera connectors)

Coax cables - U.FL for RX/VTX

RE: Tiny JST Connectors Diagrams - sirdude - 06-Aug-2016

Oscar....Thank you for sharing!  I was just thinking the other day that it would be nice to have a resource to look up connectors and what would be appropriate for different purposes.  The regular jst's are just too big sometimes.  Great post!! Big Grin

RE: Tiny JST Connectors Diagrams - zafuquazar - 06-Oct-2016

This is fantastic, thank you Oscar!

RE: Tiny JST Connectors Diagrams - efpv - 20-Oct-2016

It took me a long time to figure out. The new X4R-SB (both bare and normal) have these MHF4 connectors since July 2016. All older Frsky rx, like the D4R-II and the (older) X4R have the bigger connector.

RE: Tiny JST Connectors Diagrams - 3rdzeropoint - 02-Jan-2017

could you post something about cc3d and APM connector types?